Startup Pitch Practice

The fundraising process is usually very stressful for entrepreneurs.  It’s often the first time their “baby” is judged.  Also, investors frequently pass with a vague “no”, without sharing the underlying reason(s).  As a result, entrepreneurs spin their wheels because they’re not getting direct feedback.

As a modestly active angel investor and an LP in several venture funds, I hear many, many startup pitches.  I think I’ve a good sense of pitches that work (and why), and I’m good at giving specific feedback (on both the idea, and the way it’s presented).  AND, I’ll give very direct feedback, even if it’s something the entrepreneur doesn’t want to hear (not assuming I know all the answers, of course).

So, I’m trying a little experiment:   a “pitch practice” session.  If you’re interested, please email an overview of your company by Oct 3.

I’ll do a half-day with four 1hr slots, one per company (privately), each with 30 min for presenting and 30 min for feedback.  I’ll choose four (if anyone’s interested!) and schedule a half-day block for sometime in the next ~2 weeks.

Please note:

  • My background is in technology, specifically software and hardware with a significant software component.  I won’t be that helpful for projects outside of those areas.
  • In your overview, please include bios for the company principals and specifics on your idea.  “We’re building a revolutionary new ad network” is not specific enough.
  • Please explain what funding stage you’re at (e.g. seed, A, B, etc.)
  • I strongly prefer to meet in-person, but will consider Skype/Webex sessions for entrepreneurs outside of New England.
  • This is just for pitch and company feedback, and not for:  networking, investment, board seats, advisor relationships, customer leads, partnerships, and/or investor introductions.

Let me know!

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