iPad Quirks

For all the hype, the iPad still has a few quirks/drawbacks.  My list:

  • No camera. What doesn’t have a camera these days?
  • Can’t charge from most USB ports. They don’t put out enough power, you have to use a wall-charger.  This means that you’ve got to manage two distinct things:  syncing and charging.
  • iTunes umbilical cord. The iPad is nearly a laptop; why do I need to tether it to iTunes to do key operations (like unbox it)?  Also, why can’t I sync with iTunes via Wifi?
  • No printing.  (built-in support, anyway)
  • Limited app selection. Expected, but improving.  iPad apps can be much more complex, so the ramp may be slower than it was for the iPhone.

Given how Apple iterated on the first iPhone, I’d expect the same thing to happen here.  I love my iPad, but I’d expect iPad 3.0 to be even more impressive.

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